Introducing LimoVox, a revolutionary phone system designed specifically for the limo, livery, and transportation industry.  Our advanced communication system is packed with the features needed for day to day communications with your clients and employees.



Auto Attendant…

Your client calls in and is greeted with your recording and options to choose from.  Selecting different options will route your callers to different extensions or numbers (such as a mobile phone or answering service)

Call Recording…

All of your calls can be recorded with just a push of a button.  Recordings are saved in the system for long term availability, as well as locally when using the mobile soft phone client.

Unlimited Calling…

Stay connected to your customers and never worry about extra charges.  With our unlimited plan, you enjoy unlimited inbound and outbound calls to the continental US.

Advanced Call Routing

Setup time rules for business hours and after hours.  Have callers reach certain extensions or numbers during certain times of the day or night.



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